Journée Nationale de l'Imam

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune has decided to declare the 15th september as the National day of Imam, in a message read on his behalf by the minister of religious affairs and endowments Youcef Belmehdi, at the work of the 19 th national colloquium dedicated to the memory of the scholar sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir,  held in Adrar province, entitled "The Imam, a religious message and a national value".

The message commended the scientific, cultural and social roles of Imams (Guards of Minbars) who honestly embodied the sense of nationality, as they took it upon themselves to contribute to education in order to achieve the sense of right, justice, security and reform. 

This day is celebrated all over the country in a variety of manifistations and religious activities in recognition of the Imam's status and his scientific, cultural and social role in consolidating the bases of religious reference and strengthening national identity. 

This day coincided the anniversary of the death of the scholar sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir.

Who is Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir? 

He is a Maliki Sufi scholar and islamic jurist (Fakih). His lineage goes back to our Master Uthman ben Affan (Allah bless him), born in 1911 in Ghamara, Adrar province where he memorized Quran and received Sharia science principles. Sheikh Mohamed Belkebir moved then to Tamantit to learn the best of islamic jurisprudence (Fikh) works and masterpieces in Maliki school as well as Arabic language and grammar. After that he went to Tlemcen to ask for the spiritual virtue at the hand of its celebrity scholar Sidi Boufelja ben Abderrahmane, and then to the mosque of al Qarawiyyin in Fes where he spent 4 years and had some reviews with its scholars.

Sheikh Belkebir returned to Timimoune and founded a school run by one of his students, then he went back to Adrar and founded a quranic school in 1950, he also worked on its development till it became famous at home and abroad.

The Algerian university awarded him an honorary Doctorate in recognition of his scientific and educational efforts, and he was awarded the Order of the Republic in recognition of his high regard and prominent status.

After a blessed lifetime, Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir passed away on Friday September 15, 2000. 

Definition of Madrasa (Quranic School):

Sheikh Belkebir has chosen the Madrasa -as an ideology and thought- to be a fortress to fight ignorance, superstitions and segregation which the colonization strove to spread in the society. After the independence, the Madrasa became a source of enlightenment with more than 20000 graduates of Quran memorizers and Imams (Guards of Minbars) who are travelling throughout the country to spread, enhance and maintain the national religious reference. 

May Allah rests his soul and bless him.

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